About Me and My Blog

Hi, My name is Carly. I am originally from a small seaside town in Yorkshire called Bridlington, and have also lived in China and Thailand. I am currently living with my partner in Spain. I was an Early Years primary school teacher for over 14 years, and in 2020 I left the profession due to hearing and balance issues. I am now working as a Transformational Coach for people with hearing loss and a freelance writer.

I love: spending time with my sister and her boyfriend, walking in the countryside, getting lost in Madrid, my boyfriend, travelling, going out for breakfast, my family and friends, taking photos, listening to music, storytelling podcasts, baking, running, drinking wine, and eating spicy food.

In August 2016 I experienced sudden sensorineural hearing loss in my left ear. I started this blog as a way to inform my friends and family about my progress, for anyone else who is going through a similar experience as me, or for anybody who is interested in learning about this type of hearing loss, and the way it can affect everyday life.