Image of Frieder Kuhne on the left and Carly Sygrove (me) on the right. Title reads: Tinnitus and Sudden Hearing Loss w/Carly Sygrove, Ep 43

Podcast: Sudden Hearing Loss and Tinnitus

I recently had the pleasure of speaking to tinnitus coach at Outring Tinnitus, Frieder Kühne.

Like me, Frieder has hearing loss in his left ear and is also living with tinnitus.

In this podcast, I tell my personal story of sudden hearing loss and tinnitus. I explain the emotional impact of hearing loss, and the power of connecting with others living similar experiences. I also share how and why I became a coach, and how coaching can help you take control of your hearing loss and tinnitus, and move forward with positivity!

Note: Autogenerated captions are switched on.

You can find audio versions of the podcast here:

I hope you enjoy watching/listening!

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